About Us

Background of FlatC Marine Offshore Limited

FlatC Marine Offshore Limited is a fully Ghanaian-owned and Ghanaian-managed Offshore Support Solutions Provider. In 2001, a group of three Ghanaian Mariners made up of 2 Master Mariners and 1 Chief Engineer came together to hatch an idea of providing marine services to support economic growth in the West African sub region.

Marine activities have been common in West Africa. However, since offshore services require highly knowledgeable and skilled labour, state of the art technologies and logistics and huge financial muscles, it has predominantly been the preserve of foreign businesses. To gain the expertise and the resourcefulness to access the opportunities and takings therein, these mariners after nearly fifteen years in foreign seafaring to gain international exposure on numerous ship types, ventured into the offshore industry.

For a wider exposure and varied skills, they each joined companies which are the major players in offshore support services. Over the period, they gained relevant and sufficient experience, rose up to the highest ranks in their career and took up special and sensitively responsible positions within their organizations.

Following the discovery of commercial quantities of oil in Ghana in 2007 and the subsequent accelerated development of the oil and gas industry, offshore services have gained a sudden momentum and are particularly gaining grounds in Ghana. The Government of Ghana’s Local Content Concept was conceived along with it thus having Ghanaians provide support services to the vast operations where available and cost-effective within the offshore operations and creating wealth locally.

FlatC Marine Offshore Limited is the outcome of this local content concept which was incorporated as a company on the 31st of October, 2008; issued with a Certificate to Commence Business on the 3rd of November, 2008 and registered with the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) on the 18th of September, 2009. The company is managed by Ghanaians who have been educated and trained just like other foreign experts and have risen up to gain recognition within international circles of the Offshore Industry.

The knowledge, skills, experiences, expertise, network, exposure and clout acquired over the years by these mariners are comparable with any other in the global industry. This is what they have together brought to bear on the Offshore Support Services required in Ghana and elsewhere globally to create employment and wealth for Ghanaians from the oil find and global oil fields respectively.

Today, FlatC Marine Offshore Limited from a bold yet humble beginning stands firm with a formidable management team of three directors and two consultants all being Ghanaians. This team collectively have a total of over 100 years experience in the maritime industry with a 20-year cumulative offshore expertise in offshore operations and support services. The expertise of the FlatC team range from offshore operations in the North Sea, Grand Banks of New Foundland, Canada, West Coasts of Africa, Deep Water Fields in Angola, and in the South East Asian fields of Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia and Western Australia.