About Us

Our Mission

Using our God given talents, our human intellect, our professional skills, and our nation’s resources to enhance the lives of our fellow citizens. Making safety practices a part of our working lives assures our clients of reliable safe operations. Gives families of our staff hope, guarantees our insurers of diligent effort to ensure safe operations, extends comfort to our financiers and protects our environment from disasters. This is achieved by our efforts to own, manage and operate good ships of high quality and complying with rules and regulations standard in the industry. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Leading 100% Indigenous Ghanaian Offshore Support Services Provider in Ghana. It is the expectation of the promoters of the company to use innovative and modern state of the art techniques to offer services that match international standards and requirements. FLATC Marine Offshore Ltd aims at achieving and maintaining a leading role in the industry through the offering of high quality technical support services to its clients.